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Project, task and service management and tracking

Project and issue tracking - JIRA Software is the project management tool for agile teams planning, tracking and releasing great software. Kanban and Scrum Boards, reporting and integration with development tools for source code and release management.

IT and business service desk - A service desk solution to enhance customer support through user-friendly portals. Advanced SLAs and queues, automation, knowledge base integration and reporting features to improve the performance of your services.

Plan, track and report any business project with JIRA Core and keep your Marketing, HR, Finance and Legal teams aligned. Manage any business project including marketing campaigns, HR on-boarding, approvals and legal document reviews.

Collaboration and Chat

Document collaboration - Team Collaboration tool that helps organize your work, create documents, blogs, knowledge bases, centralize discussions in one place. Manage templates, files and versions.

Team group and private chat, video and file sharing - Real-time collaboration through a team chat tool designed for Business and IT teams. Mobile, powerful integrations and Chat-Ops capabilities.

Software Development Tools

Collaborate on code with inline comments and pull requests. Manage and share your Git repositories to build and ship software, as a team.

Continuous integration, deployment, and release management.

Test Optimization to make your tests run faster and fail more quickly.

Search, monitor and track your Subversion repositories.

Find bugs and improve code quality through peer code review.

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