Project Portfolio Management with Atlassian

8 December 2016 | Atlassian

As corporations scale for growth, projects achieve new levels and teams begin working in remote and distributed ways. While using a project portfolio management (PPM) tool, you can build multiple projects accurate planning in a unique platform.

Sustainable operational growth begins with initiatives that align with available budgets, professionals technical capabilities and business objectives. This situation demands a global planning, but without missing each team’s efforts.

With valuable information and data available, decision making helps optimize process and prioritize the most critical projects, avoiding unexpected situations that can interfere with progress.

Also, the choice of tools and process implementation makes it possible for different activity levels to be integrated and allows accurate tracking without compromising individual project management.

Plan your future with global vision

As your company feels the need to invest in a solution that is not only team-focused, but provides a global view of projects, you should upgrade your management to the next level. These tools bring different possibilities:

  • Schedule resources to align them with realistic business possibilities.
  • Visualize dependencies on each project and prioritize the most critical steps for your deliveries.
  • Evaluate risks and test new scenarios.
  • Structure process for new projects intake, forecasting possible bottlenecks and redistributing efforts for a more effective plan.
  • Measure performance through reports that provide visibility to variables and dimensions that may interfere in your plan.
  • Potentialize team productivity and allow better resource allocation.

With graphics, timelines, requirement details, deliveries, dates and other features, different groups benefit from this visibility:

  • Managers will be up-to-date with all teams’ progress, bringing more clarity to distribute resources and show each project’s value to their stakeholders.
  • Teams work with transparency, being aware of the risks and impacts that other teams or activities may bring to the project development.
  • C-level executives won’t face difficulties accessing vital information for decision-making processes, which provides business aligned analysis for each projects and realistic development possibilities.

The benefits of integration and communication while managing your project portfolio

Can you imagine if the necessary information to improve your planning was distributed between different platforms? The time wasted managing these tools could reduce benefits of implementing project portfolio management. Without control of what is being performed, what files are updated and in which version each user is working, the task of building a great plan is harder to achieve.

By working with integrated solutions, like the Atlassian toolset, your team can depend on the benefits of automation and team collaboration. Remove silos between teams, providing real-time updates and notifications, all centralized in a unique platform.
You can bring your project management to JIRA Software, build a knowledge base in Confluence and use ChatOps practices with Hipchat, with velocity, communication and traceability. You’ll have a consistent collaborative platform to deploy plugins like Portfolio for JIRABigPictureTempo Budget and Tempo Timesheets to extend JIRA benefits for project portfolio management. Furthermore, with the eazyBI plugin you can connect project management with business intelligence and build a full solution for your company.

While deploying a PPM solution, your company gains necessary resources to optimize projects conclusion, evaluate viability and potentialize your results, increasing ROI and time-to-market.

Are you currently using a project management tool? Is it helping you scale to your growth? Is it a collaboration tool that effectively shows you how your projects are performing?

Learn more about how the Atlassian toolset and e-Core can evaluate your major needs and implement best practices for project management, bringing your teams to the next level.


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