Our Top 3 JIRA Service Desk Features

29 August 2016 | Atlassian

Service Desk tools can help your team build a robust solution to optimize, automate and improve your services. JIRA Service Desk is one of the fastest growing service desk tools dedicated to providing innovative and easy to use user experiences.

Below are our top three favorite features of JIRA Service Desk:

1 – Customizing your SLAs

One of the key features for any IT Service provider is the SLAs (Service Level Agreement). JIRA Service Desk is flexible and customizable to better fit your service agreement needs.

With JIRA Service Desk you can track different SLAs and generate reports by priorities, custom fields, issue types and more, based on advanced JQL (JIRA Query Language) filters.

When you are setting up SLAs in JIRA Service Desk, you can configure triggers to pause, stop and start tracking under certain conditions. You can easily create SLAs / performance goals and track against those goals. When you are on top of your priorities, you can work faster and better to fulfill your customers’ expectations on the agreement and deliver a better service experience.

With calendars you can configure your service desks and create customized rules to define your team’s work schedule. Depending on your service agreements, you will need to support your customers 24/7 or only offer the service during normal business hours, so you can customize your working day for each project that you are in charge. The calendars can be associated with SLAs metrics and goals.

Learn more about SLAs and JIRA Service Desk here.

2 – Automation Rules

JIRA Service Desk brings seamless integration with JIRA and advanced automation to the table. You can automate common tasks avoiding duplicate issues and enabling your team to focus on the resolution of complex issues. Your team will have more time to improve your customer experience.

Automation rules don’t need hard-coding or additional resources to get things done, what simplifies the processes and makes it easier for it to be used across different departments integration other JIRA projects (i.e. Development) with Service Desk.

JIRA Service Desk has preset automation rules to help you in the process, but also works with custom automation rules to fit your specific needs. From auto-triaging incoming emails to auto-escalating issues about to breach SLA and update linked incidents when the master ticket or problem ticket is resolved, the automation module in JIRA Service Desk helps your team be more effective and better prioritize their work.

They are triggered under certain conditions based on a “When” “IF” “THEN” workflow. Optimize your work, keeping everyone on top of their responsibilities by triggering automated updates or status transitions based SLAs.

Learn more about automation rules here.

3 – Empowering your customers with knowledge bases

When serving your customer with important information about product details, how-to’s, known problems and solutions, JIRA Service Desk and Confluencewould come in handy to scale your process. Your team could save the time spent solving usual issues and build a knowledge base that would empower their customers and teammates integrating those Atlassian Tools.

Answering one-on-one common requests is neither possible nor smart in large-scale companies and processes. The optimization begins when you stop doing repeated things, and start looking on automated workflows and self-service solutions to allow users to search and access information and answers by themselves.

Learn more about JIRA Service Desk and Confluence integration for improved knowledge management here.

Click the link below to learn how Repom implemented JIRA Service Desk to increase their productivity and serve their clients better:

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

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