Customer Satisfaction – Latest Survey Results

16 May 2014 | Articles

We have received the responses from our semiannual customer satisfaction survey and we are happy to share the results.

By Marco Roman, Business Development Manager at e-Core

Customer satisfaction results – e-Core

  • Overall our customers are very happy to recommend us, more so than last year. Our NPS increased from 53% to an outstanding 73% (please check references about industry standards here).
  • Compared to the last edition of the survey we have noticed improved results to responses in almost all questions, indicating we’ve been able to provide our clients with an even better customer experience.
  • Customer perception regarding e-Core’s services is uniform and very positive. The lower variability in almost all responses indicates that our customers are having consistent experiences across different projects run by different teams.
  • “Strongly Agree” was the chosen answer in 82% or more of the answers, for almost all questions.

Our core purpose

What an absolutely great job everyone has done in living our Core Valueshelping our clients create awesome software solutions in a timely, innovative and cost-effective manner.

It’s great to see that we had a valuable opportunity to hear suggestions from customers last year that were incorporated and put in practice by leaders and teams, now translated into an increased customer satisfaction. On top of that e-Core has also invested in programs such as Leadership Development and Innovation Day that are expected to deliver even more value to our clients during 2014.

We’d like to give credit to our team members for their hard work and dedication. The aforementioned results are a consequence of the highly qualified team and customer-focused practices we have at e-Core carried along by every employee at every interaction.

Survey details:

We send out a set of 10 mandatory questions semiannually to key people decision makers from inside the companies e-Core does business with, looking for understanding their perception (on a scale of 1-5: strongly agree (5), somewhat agree (4), neither agree nor disagree (3), somewhat disagree (2), strongly disagree (1)) in regards to the following items:

  1. e-Core shows creativity and proactivity in the proposed solutions
  2. e-Core staff is available (you can contact our people when necessary) and relates well to your people
  3. e-Core keeps promises and deadlines
  4. e-Core’s workforce use a good level of communication and appropriate language
  5. e-Core listens well to what you have to say and has a good understanding of your business
  6. You receive a good explanation of what we have done and why
  7. e-Core is an easy and effective firm to do business with
  8. e-Core has an excellent management team
  9. e-Core has an excellent technical team
  10. On a scale from 0-10 (0 being Definitely Not Recommend and 10 being Definitely Recommend) how likely is it that you would recommend e-Core to a friend or colleague?
  11. Do you have any comments or suggestions about e-Core? Is there anything we could have done better? (optional)

Among these questions there is an important KPI commonly known as NPS (Net Promoter Score) which is vastly used around many different industries. The score can be summarized as follow: Respondents on the 9-10 interval are known as “Promoters”, 7-8 are “Passives” while 6-0 are “Detractors”. The percentage of Promoters minus the percentage of Detractors is known as NPS and the possible resultant score in this KPI can range from [-100 to 100].

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