Atlassian User Group São Paulo – Encouraging Atlassian community in Brazil

30 November 2016 | News

Earlier this month, we had the first Atlassian User Group (AUG) in Brazil in the tech hub city of São Paulo. AUGs bring the opportunity to know other users, discuss best practices and share experiences in Atlassian solutions administration.

We talked with Jorge Abraham, Service Delivery Manager at e-Core, about his participation at the event. According to him, the AUG has a clear approach to connect users through Atlassian culture strengthening:

“It was a very interesting experience. As the first meet up in Brazil, everyone had the feeling of becoming part of history by leading this initiative. Atlassian, experts and users had the chance to meet up at an easy-going atmosphere with a lot of information exchange.”

The event that focused on networking and Atlassian solutions discussions was hosted at Barnaldo Lucrécia, a Brazilian-style pub.

Jorge highlighted the initiative format and engagement:

“When you bring people together to a place where great food, beverages and music get mixed, the result is always amazing! It was different and innovative at the same time. I believe this format contributes a lot and I had expectations that at the next event our audience will grow even more.”

Julio Chez, Atlassian Latin America Experts Partner Manager, attended the group and presented numbers related to Atlassian adoption growth in Latin America and Brazil.

Ricardo Morale, AUG leader and IT manager at Repom, besides leading the initiative, presented a success case on JIRA Service Desk deployment to improve service management and support.

The solution helped the company to connect all their customers networks to provide the right channel support in the most responsive way. His presentation showed how the tool worked in real life through a JIRA demonstration that explained all the service workflows from end-to-end.

“Atlassian User Groups represent an integration, exchange and Atlassian culture development moment for those who benefit from these solutions. These type of events keep the flame burning so that we can strengthen the Atlassian community in Brazil.” Jorge commented on the relevance and importance of the event.

e-Core is proud to support Atlassian User Groups throughout the U.S. as well. Join us at the AUG – Palm Beach and help build a true collaboration environment for Warfighter Made.

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