ITSM Tools Review: BMC Footprints vs. Jira Service Desk

18 October 2018 | Articles, Atlassian

When it comes to managing and improving IT Service Management (ITSM) there are many software applications such as ServiceNow or BMC products such as Remedy and Footprints. BMC Footprints and Jira Service Desk are two different IT Service Management (ITSM) tools that offer customers a variety of benefits. However, many BMC users find Jira to have better value in its straightforward cost-effective solution which includes a simple and intuitive user interface.

BMC is a group of web-based solutions that focus on incident and problem management with functionalities based around automating workflows and processes. Largely used by small to mid-sized businesses, BMC Footprints also includes reporting, analytics, and a knowledge base.

Jira Service Desk is part of a suite of Atlassian tools that centralizes ITSM processes, for companies of any size ranging from small businesses to enterprises. The scalability and ease of use make Jira Service Desk a popular option for many organizations.

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While organizations primarily invest in ITSM tools to improve business efficiency, there are many specific examples that highlight the power of these tools. ITSM tools can:

  • Improve communication between IT support and development teams
  • Integrate ticket reporting and issue tracking management tools
  • Lower costs to implement, license, and renew
  • Deliver an easy-to-use interface that simplifies management

In our comparative analysis of BMC Footprints and Jira Service Desk, we took a look at some of the features of both ITSM tools and how they stacked up against each other. The first area of focus was workflows and automation. Both tools have the ability to manage customized workflows and automate tasks. Additionally, we also reviewed user interface, reporting and analytics, SLA configuration capability, knowledge base, and self-service, asset management, open API, hosting options, and more to deliver a comprehensive picture of both ITSM tools.

There are pros and cons to using both BMC Footprints and Jira Service Desk, so it is important to choose the solution that meets your business’ needs and objectives. While BMC and Jira offer many of the same features and functionality, we’ve found that most users prefer Jira Service Desk to BMC Footprints. However, discussing your migration with an Atlassian partner can ensure your business chooses the right tools to meet your needs.

For a comprehensive comparison of each tool, fill out the form below to download a copy of our report “Migrating from BMC Footprints to JIRA Service Desk,” which includes an in-depth analysis of key features and tips on what to consider when choosing an ITSM tool.

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