4 Benefits of Atlassian Consultancy with Atlassian Solution Partners

12 November 2018 | Articles, Atlassian

Companies today are looking to improve business efficiency by streamlining processes and becoming more agile through an iterative approach. In addition, data migrations and consolidations can help in organization, cost reduction, and reliability.

Many organizations invest in Atlassian tools to solve these issues, yet struggle with implementation and end up not using the tools to their full effect. Data migrations gone wrong can prove to be costly. Having a partner that can help with planning, deployment, and support can mitigate these issues.

Organizations benefit when they consult with Atlassian Solution Partners on how best to implement these valuable tools to produce desired results. This includes leading data migrations and consolidations for the efficient and safe transfer of data of any size. Additionally, partners can make recommendations for process consulting, including using ITSM tools.

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Facilitate Data Migration and Consolidation with Atlassian Consultancy

Atlassian Solution Partners are well-versed in both the Atlassian suite of tools and the processes of data migration and consolidation. Platinum partners like e-Core meet Atlassian’s highest training criteria and meet scalability requirements. This expertise can help companies ensure they are getting maximum value and higher return on investment with the newly-purchased tools or in migrating or consolidating existing systems.

Given their knowledge and experience working with Atlassian tools, Atlassian Solution Partners are a trusted source to help your business facilitate data migration and consolidation to expedite processes. Data migrations can occur between cloud and server or scaled with the Atlassian Data Center.

From the Atlassian Marketplace, apps like Tempo, nFeed, and Zephyr can be used to migrate data. Seasoned Atlassian Partners will help your organization create scripts and integrate with other apps to ensure a successful migration.

Companies that switch from third-party tools to Atlassian tools face common challenges including the migration of issue trackers and project management tools such as Bugzilla, Microfocus ALM, and Redmine, to Jira, an Atlassian tool for issue management. Jira Service Desk is an alternative to tools such as ServiceNow and BMC Remedy for IT Service Management (ITSM). In some instances, teams won’t switch their tools but still need to connect their data with new Atlassian solutions, like integrating Sharepoint with Confluence to improve knowledge management and collaboration between teams.

Additionally, an Atlassian Solution Partner can help migrate centralized locations for source code management like Git and SVN repositories, migrate Atlassian applications to a new cloud server, or even migrate an entire database. To ensure success, an Atlassian Solution Partner will help plan the migration, evaluate the setup, manage users and permissions, and prepare your data for migration. In the case of consolidations, a partner can merge Jira and Confluence instances to standardize configurations and optimize Atlassian licenses into a single instance.

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Deploy Jira, Confluence, and other Atlassian Tools

Productivity and efficiency are two chief goals of successful businesses. Atlassian Solution Partners provide recommendations to improve environment productivity, identify workflows for automation, and maximize results with a detailed deployment plan.
Atlassian Solution Partners can deploy Jira, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, and many other Atlassian tools to companies and organizations for improved issue tracking, project management, and collaboration between teams.

Even after deployment, Atlassian Solution Partners are committed to the business’ long-term goals and objectives and will help in the support and management of these tools.

Support and Management of Atlassian Tools

One of the worst outcomes of utilizing Atlassian tools would be to invest time and resources into their set up, only to have the environment unavailable or not configured properly. Atlassian maintenance and support long after deployment is critical to sustained success. Atlassian Solution Partners strive to provide support and guidance, system administration resources, and solution hosting throughout the entire process.

Leaving system administration to Atlassian experts enables businesses to have time for more meaningful work instead of spending valuable hours on daily processes management. This ties into the maintenance of infrastructure, another tedious task. Atlassian Solution Partners have several hosting options to support and manage a unique Atlassian environment specific to an organization.

Process Consulting Best Practices

Consultants looking to improve business processes will often turn to IT Service Management (ITSM) to facilitate business growth. Atlassian Solution Partners can work with clients to advise them of best practices in improving their processes and are committed to client success through a deeper understanding of the client’s unique problems. Using the challenges as a baseline, an Atlassian Solution Partner can make value-driven recommendations to the client that serves as the foundation for Atlassian tools implementation and a long-lasting relationship.

Using Atlassian tools like Jira, Confluence and Statuspage can facilitate ITSM and find solutions to challenges like change, incident, service request, and problem management. Partners can help organizations implement tools to maximize organizational efficiency providing automations and workflows to accelerate project timelines and centralize processes for alignment.

With years of expertise optimizing Atlassian solutions, consultants can recommend and deploy Atlassian Marketplace Apps to maximize ROI of tools, like adding EazyBI to reports and dashboards, Insight to asset management and CMDB and Automation for Jira to streamline tasks and processes. This way, companies improve visibility on the status of initiatives and productivity to deliver better results for the company.

Working with a Platinum Atlassian Solution Partner to implement Atlassian tools, undergo a data migration or consolidation, or simply get recommendations on best practices is a strategic decision that can help organizations find long-term success with an ongoing partnership.

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