All About JIRA at the Atlassian Open Forum Orlando

9 June 2016 | Events

With a focus on JIRA and JIRA Service Desk, this year’s Atlassian Open Forum Orlando started conversations and brought together Atlassian users from across the Orlando area. Presentations focused on Startups and JIRA Service Desk, along with an engaging panel discussion that included a wide variety of questions from your audience.

The evening started with networking and appetizers with beautiful skylines in the background at the Citrus Club in downtown Orlando.  Our presentations started with Chris Dunkel, co-founder of local start-up Career Fair Plus, and his presentation on “Start-ups in the World of JIRA”. His presentation included insights on how and why his company started using JIRA. For his dev teams, spreadsheets worked in the beginning. But as tasks got more complicated and better workflows needed to be created – that’s where JIRA came in. His honest perspective of JIRA and its capabilities were well-received and easy to relate to.

Next we had Marco Roman, e-Core’s director of Atlassian consulting, presenting on “Service Management for Teams Made Easy with JIRA.”  He reviewed the tools’ capabilities as he walked us through the basics of JIRA Service Desk and some of his favorite features, including customized reports and integrations with other Atlassian tools like Confluence as a knowledge base for support teams and HipChat for issue management.

Not only did we review the tools themselves but talked through ITSM and the current views on how IT is adapting to the trends. ITSM is constantly evolving and trying to meet the needs of the customer. The biggest trend we are currently seeing is the demand for self service. A recent HDI Research study showed that 91% of support teams would prefer to move to self service.

The most engaging part of our event was during our panel discussion. Our panelists included:

  • Marco Roman, Director of Atlassian Consulting, e-Core;
  • Chris Dunkel, co-founder, Career Fair Plus;
  • Chase Holland, Support Desk Supervisor, University of South Florida;
  • Julio Tejera, Sr. Business Analyst, University of South Florida;
  • Randy Mothershed, Support Desk Supervisor, University of South Florida.

Questions included what is the best way to route tickets to the right person the first time around; what are the best plugins for JIRA; how to manage workflows better and how to increase communication with teams.

Overall, it was an exciting night filled with everything Atlassian, Tech Start-ups and ITSM.

To view the presentations from the Atlassian Open Forum Orlando, click here.

To learn more about JIRA, JIRA Service Desk or if you have any other questions about how your Support Teams can be more efficient, click here.

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