A review of code reloaders for Ruby

31 August 2016 | Articles

In late July, e-Core developer, Rodrigo Rosenfeld, published two articles about code reloaders use in Ruby applications on the technical newsite Ruby Weekly.

Code reloaders for Ruby

Code reloaders are very useful in keeping the system behavior consistent with the latest changes to the code, avoiding to manually restart the server after each change.

Since automatic code reloading usually works well enough for Rails applications, most people won’t research about code reloaders until they are writing web apps with other frameworks or when it negatively affects the user. For example, the users are affected by some corner case where the automatic code reloading doesn’t work well.

The articles were written when Rodrigo was using Roda and felt the need to build a personal approach because he was not satisfied with the options he had found.

The first, A Review of Code Reloaders for Ruby, presents reviews of different automatic code reloaders, as Rack::Reloaderrerunshotgun, even the solution using ActiveSupport::Dependencies, the reloader used by Rails. This article analyzes how they work, the best situations for each approach and the benefits highlighted in their use. The discussion leaves specific reloaders like Sinatra::Reloader and Padrino::Reloader out of the scope.

The latter, AutoReloader: a transparent automatic code reloader for Ruby, presents the auto_reloader and his automatic approach for reloading Ruby codes.

If you’re interested in future discussions, see Rodrigo Rosenfeld’s articles on Ruby and follow our blog.

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