Support Technical Lead (Cloud)

Development and Engineering @ Porto Alegre, Brazil

When Atlassian Customers such as NASA, LinkedIn and Facebook need a solution, you, as a Senior Support Engineer, will be responsible for providing the technical solution aiming for the greatest customer satisfaction. Investigative spirit, logic and technical capabilities are essential tools for success.
Senior Support Analysts are experts in solving problems, are great on explaining complex issues in a simple manner, are great on sharing knowledge within the team, are references in the team, are responsible for the development of peers, are motivated and actively participate in community forums, as well as in the product knowledge base.
As Senior Support Analyst you're very good at:
  • Team work
  • Handling customer issues
  • Helping People
  • Analysing and Solving problems (tough ones)
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Written and spoken English (advanced level)
As a Senior Support Analyst you know:
  • Computer Networks
  • Databases
  • Application Servers
We consider Extras:
  • Agile Methods
  • Familiarity  with SaaS enrivonment
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Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil

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