Lucidchart + Atlassian: Think Visually as You Build Better Product

Atlassian helps product teams from thousands of businesses to work together as they develop software. But do you know what can further enable collaboration within these tools you have invested in? Visuals.

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Atlassian Enterprise Partnership Allows for Better, Larger-Scale Projects

noun en·ter·prise \ˈen-tə(r)-ˌprīz\

A project or undertaking that is especially difficult, complicated, or risky
Readiness to engage in daring or difficult action

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Atlassian’s Application Development Life Cycle Management Tools – Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

In today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive and time sensitive business environments, modern software development practices demand an unrestricted implementation of the discreet components of the Application Development Lifecycle Management (ADLM) model.  

Integrated ADLM is focused on the adoption of synchronized tooling to facilitate real-time project community collaboration, cross tool communication, centralized data repository, project reporting and portfolio management practices.

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Chat Tools Like Atlassian HipChat Make Your Teams More Efficient

From HR to Marketing, from IT to Operations, every department in your company has one thing in common – it thrives on COMMUNICATION.  The base of any good team is communication – the ability to talk through and work through problems. One team that needs communication to flow properly is your IT Team. 

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Atlassian JIRA and HipChat for increased collaboration in distributed agile teams

Teamwork is essential to delivering great software. Sharing common values and embracing “we” rather than an “us vs. them” culture are the first steps towards building a great distributed team. Finding and sharing successful practices across all locations is also very important while also providing the teams with an appropriate toolbox for increased work visibility, collaboration and communication.

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