The Atlassian Approach to ITSM


We live in a world where customer service is of the utmost importance. From startups to large traditional companies, all are facing internal and external service requests and the management of these requests have since evolved. Solution-oriented IT tools are in demand to provide a fast and reliable way to deliver products and services to the marketplace and have a seamless method of supporting them. Adoption of these tools is falling outside of your typical customer service team and being used by multiple departments within an organization to manage workloads.  

As most companies strive for the best service experience, not only for your staff but also your customers, it’s better to think how you can improve your management of requests and define the workflows that best fit your organization’s business requirements through embracement of ITSM-focused tools.

In a fast-paced world with high demand, many traditional and legacy solutions can lack the ability to fit the organizations need for a variety of reasons. Often times these tools are expensive, have a difficult usability rating or a dated user interface, and are time-consuming to administer and maintain. 

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We are an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

If you haven’t already heard, the previous Atlassian Experts program has changed to the NEW Atlassian Solution Partner Program. And certainly the name tells a lot about their focus on technical capabilities to provide and extend consulting for their global customers.

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