How e-Core works as a team to give back locally and globally

We’re excited to share that last year e-Core joined the Pledge 1% program.

We embraced the opportunity to help people in need and encourage volunteering in our company’s culture. By engaging in a social mission, we want to inspire other organizations to do the same, support charitable causes and communities and give back to society.

Marcio Silveira, e-Core's CEO and Paulo Machado, IT Infrastructure Coordinator , with the kids at the computer room

“We have always believed in the power of teamwork. But what if we leverage these core values and expand the positive impact our team makes? That’s what I think we can do by joining the Pledge 1% movement. ” Marcio Silveira


Pledge 1% Time

e-Core is proud to be part of the movement by pledging 1% of employee time, our most valuable asset. Our goal is to devote one percent of our time to a cause we love and encourage our employees to do the same. The equivalent of three days a year might not be that much for us, but for other people it can be really meaningful!


“ We will donate something that, along with our customers, we value the most: the power of our employees. Our team will be able to dedicate 1% of their work time to help institutions and communities of their choice. ” Vinicius Pinheiro

Our Porto Alegre Headquarters began giving back by supporting Associação Madre Teresa de Jesus, affectionately known as “Casinha”. Located at Morro Santana, one of the poorest areas in Porto Alegre, the association supports more than 150 kids with food and works with 40 kids daily with recreational and educational activities.

Watch the video below to see how we’ve been working with Casinha:

Globally Giving Back

Not only our Brazil offices are engaged in volunteering. The inspiration spread to other offices. We’re globally giving back and building better communities throughout the U.S too.


Matheo Pegoraro and Silviana Salvatico, from our New York team, chose to help distribute food to hungry people in their local White Plains area by volunteering at the Food Bank for Westchester.


“Matheo and I had a great experience, and knowing that we are providing healthy food for those in need is so rewarding. Next time we plan to deliver the fresh produce ourselves so we can see their reactions first hand!” – Silviana Salvatico

Going forward and giving back in under-developed communities

And it’s not about making difference only in our communities, but we can challenge ourselves and go above and beyond on our social mission.


Our Global Marketing Manager, Allison Riggs, knew that she could give more to people in need. Since under-developed countries face contaminated water issues that affect families and children, Allison and her husband decided to go to Las Salinas, Nicaragua, to provide small and highly –effective water systems to local schools and clinics.

They made an expedition with friends and local supporters to train people in their uses and help poor communities. If you’re interested about this inspiring experience and some tips to get started giving back, read Allison’s story.

What is Pledge 1%?

Pledge 1% is a corporate philanthropy movement dedicated to making the community a key stakeholder in every business. One of its goals is to change the world through inspiring early–stage corporate philanthropy.

Pledge 1% encourages and challenges individuals and companies to pledge 1% of equity, product, and employee time for their communities. As stated by the program: “It’s a small commitment today that can make a huge impact tomorrow.”

Team-up and do the pledge!