With not only IT teams in mind, Atlassian has recently released the new JIRA 7.0. An all new toolset that tailors three products for three different teams.

JIRA has been redesigned into three purpose-built experiences for software, IT, and business teams. For those of you familiar with JIRA, you may be thinking: Why’d they do that?

It turns out, software teams and business teams aren’t all that different. They both thrive on teamwork and collaboration. And, equally, if information is scattered, siloed, or hard to find, both types of teams go bonkers. Everyone likes transparency, whether you’re writing code or onboarding a new team member.

After 13 years of building software for software teams, Atlassian discovered that a third of users were using JIRA for non-software projects. This really piqued their curiosity, so they decided to find out more about these crazy folks and what they were doing. And here’s what they found out: not only were business teams like Marketing, HR, Legal, and Finance using JIRA, but they were customizing workflows and making JIRA their own. Lightbulb!

Meet the new fleet of JIRA Products:


JIRA Core is a project and task management solution that every business person across an organization can use to plan, track, and report on work. That means everyone using the same system. Cool, right? We’ve taken the fundamental features that business teams love and optimized them to fit their needs. This is great for JIRA admins, saving them time by reducing the need for customization work. JIRA Core’s new business templates frees admins to more efficiently support multiple teams, projects, and workflows.

To learn more about JIRA Core and how it can work for you, click here.

JIRA Service Desk

JIRA Service Desk 3 now comes with two new pre-configured project templates:

  • An IT service desk that comes with everything your IT teams need for service management including ITIL-ready templates to manage incidents, change, problem, and service requests.
  • basic service desk that enables non-technical service teams to get started quickly.

JIRA Service Desk 3 Project Templates

JIRA Service Desk 3 Problem Change Incident

Some additional features in JIRA Service Desk 3:

  • Conversational email notifications. Don’t let your agents sound like robots. Put the human back in your communications.
  • Drag and drop file attachments. Sometimes words aren’t enough. Now both customers and agents can easily drag and drop files into a ticket.
  • Enhanced reporting. Monitor key team performance metrics. Celebrate successes and identify opportunities for improvements.
  • Automation engine. Automate repetitive tasks so agents can focus on the important stuff.

With JIRA Service Desk, IT teams can easily loop in developers, link incidents to bugs, and stay updated on progress. This not only makes resolution times faster but builds critical feedback loops between IT and development.

To learn more about JIRA Service Desk, click here.

JIRA Software

JIRA Software offers the same flexibility, extensibility, and deep developer tool integrations that JIRA users have had for years. But now software teams can enjoy functionality for agile planning, tracking, releasing, and reporting delivered in one purpose-built experience.

You and your teams don’t treat agile software development methods as an add-on to your development practices. Now, neither does JIRA. Atlassian combined the best parts of JIRA and JIRA Agile into one offering for software teams so that agile is not only the heart and soul of your team, but of your issue tracker as well. More than ever, JIRA Software is the tool your software team needs to build and deliver amazing products, faster.

Projects unite teams and rally everyone around a common goal, which is why Atlassian made the project sidebar a permanent addition to JIRA Software. The closer each team member is to a project, the easier it is to align and collaborate to get the job done fast. Like any JIRA feature, the new sidebar is customizable, allowing each team to include custom links that connect team members to valuable content. From Confluence pages, to Bitbucket repos, to HipChat rooms, everything your team needs is a click away.

To learn more about the new JIRA Software, click here.  Or watch Atlassian’s full webinar by clicking here.

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(parts of this blog were taken directly from the Atlassian website)