Atlassian Confluence Mobile App

Atlassian recently released version 6.8 for Confluence Server in addition to a new iOS and Android mobile app for Confluence enabling teams to collaborate on the go. Read on for additional feature releases, updates, and access to view the complete list of release notes.

Last week Atlassian released Confluence Server 6.8 and the Confluence Server mobile app. Now collaboration can happen on the go, at any time.

Imagine this scenario: you need to organize your work better and document relevant information so that your team can collaborate in an effective way. You start using Confluence Server and BOOM: you can’t live without it! Suddenly, there’s a need to discuss ideas and update your content, but you’re far away from your desktop.

Many users did not know that Atlassian had been working on a mobile application that would allow teams to edit and comment on Confluence pages on the go. Now is the moment of truth!

Flexibility to collaborate anytime

You can create pages and update information directly from your device while you’re waiting for the next meeting and correct possible typos that went unnoticed in real-time. If you want to give special attention to a specific subject and can’t collaborate the way you want, leave a comment on the discussion and save the page to view later at the office.

Stay in the loop from anywhere

Confluence Mobile App iOS

Confluence Mobile App for iOS

Do you want to be aware of everything that is happening while you’re out of the office and be notified if there’s any change in the meantime?

With the mobile app you are notified about mentions, comments, and tasks. It enables push notifications and allows you many options to change your settings.  On the iOS platform, the activity tab lets you stay in the loop of any team updates. Now it’s easier to collaborate and interact after meetings and feel like your teams are always united.

But to get back to what you previously worked on before, Atlassian has developed features for both iOS and Android so that you can quickly access your most recent work. For Android, this feature is located in the Recents tab. For iOS, this is located in the Your Work tab.

Confluence Mobile App Android

Confluence Mobile App for Android

Besides that, you can also visit your spaces quickly and organize them using Page Trees as you were used to doing in previous versions of Confluence.

Since Confluence Server 6.8 is the version required to use the mobile app, we’d like to share new features and bug fixes from this version.

A brief summary of Confluence Server 6.8 release notes:

Now it’s faster to request access to pages. Previously, you had to request Confluence access and invite people individually but the app can now automatically inform up to 5 Confluence users about an access request.

As stated by Atlassian, the tool will contact people in the following order:

  1. The users that have initially engaged with the page, can view, have administration rights, or restrict permissions on the space.”
  2. Space administrators who can see the page.

Furthermore, this new release continues to improve visuals in status macro, date, user mention, emoticons and tasks, and other issues that were reported on larger instances were also fixed.

Requirements and restrictions for Confluence Server mobile version:


iOS – 11 or higher

Android – 4.4 Kitkat or higher

Confluence Server 6.8


As a user, you have two options to access Confluence on a mobile device. You can open the app directly from a shortcut or, after clicking a link to Confluence in an E-mail or browser, you will be presented with an option to open the app. If the app is not installed, you will be directed to the phone’s App or Play Store depending on the platform

The mobile version faces some limitations when using certain macros. It’s possible to use these macros by either accessing Confluence in a browser on your mobile device, or by accessing the application from your desktop.

Beta User Notification: 

If you participated in testing the Confluence Server Mobile app, remember to delete your older version or update your app. Install Confluence 6.8 and experience an enriched version.

For a complete list of the release notes for Confluence Server 6.8 click here.

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