Conducting an orchestra – Why is roadmapping so crucial

Roadmapping is important when you need to manage projects and bring visibility to your stakeholders. Understand how BigPicture allows you to display the landscape of your projects.

You get back to your desk. The meeting was vibrant. It was just a matter of time before it became a reality and everyone’s mind is set on the goal. It is you who is responsible for rolling out a new functionality. It is supposed to give the much needed competitive advantage in an already competitive market. You are given the resources, budget and a time frame.

You take a deep breath and try not to let the excitement show. Once you settle, only one question clouds your mind – where do I start?

Allow stakeholders into the loop

Those with vested interest in your endeavor will want to be informed about how you execute the chosen strategy. Many times however, they will not want to delve into particulars of your approach of choice but be presented with a bird’s eye view to have a finger on a pulse.

This is where a roadmap comes in handy by allowing you to display the landscape of your project in a quick manner. The roadmap shall be your friend until the end of the journey.

An array of assets

There is more to it though as roadmapping is just good planning, which is what you need at every stage of running a project. It incorporates the element of time which prompts for prioritization, careful resource allocation and setting realistic targets. It will reveal the gaps in your plans or areas which might become problematic once the project is underway.

You will be able to notice dependencies and act on them accordingly. Important events will be easy to schedule and reschedule when needed. Team members will see it as a guide and a communication tool but most importantly, thanks to the roadmap, they will gain common understanding of ongoing activities and a sense of comradery. In the end, all of the above is a benefit of time and cost savings for you and your company.

Let’s see how they fit in a roadmap for an agile project shown in the BigPicture add-on for JIRA.

The bird’s eye view

Not only does the roadmap make analysis and reporting easy but lets you quickly find pain points and act on them.

BigPicture roadmap module

The BigPicture roadmap module neatly shows the timeline with separate cadence row as well as program or cadence backlog items. Switch between normal and compact view for a clean and suitable display.

Linking dependencies

One cannot gain the full picture and be completely comfortable with how things develop without marking the dependencies. It is impossible to place a logo on a website without having it designed first.

Linking dependencies with BigPicture for JIRA

BigPicture intuitively shows links between tasks and marks them red or green depending on whether the tasks were placed in the right timeframe or not. Let it help you see what is not clearly visible at a first sight.

Mark it to remember
Setting markers in the Gantt Module on BigPicture

Save yourself the worry to remember all the important events. BigPicture allows you to set markers on the timeline in Gantt module. Visualize the roadmap from another perspective and tweak it until you find it most suitable.

Conducting an orchestra

Managing projects is filled with dates, deadlines, links, meetings, tweaks and adjustments. You coordinate multiple bodies in a company so that their activities follow a natural flow and a sense of common goal is felt by everyone. This requires an outstanding set of skills along with the right means and necessary tools.

Roadmapping is like a music sheet for a grand concert where an array of instruments play their parts but the outcome is a perfectly aligned and musically sound masterpiece. Now, it’s up to you to conduct them.

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This was a guest post from Jakub Dobies, Digital Marketing Manager at our partner Software Plant. Software Plant is a Polish company that develops advanced project management systems and provides premium project management plugins like BigPicture and BigGantt for JIRA.