3 ways to centralize your processes with Atlassian tools

Centralized information is a crucial topic when discussing business and project management. With Atlassian tools it’s possible to build a unique administration point with activities tracking, team collaboration and performance metrics.

Let’s be real, automation saves time and integrated solutions bring visibility. A centralized platform avoids information security problems and executed changes monitoring problems, in documents, codes and projects. With Atlassian tools, updates are notified in real-time and all your processes, iterations and versions are tracked.

With access to crucial information, managers can optimize their resources and offer a better experience for their teams – in-house or distributed. This also has positive effects on customer service and delivery.
Here are three customer cases where the Atlassian toolset has provided centralized work with flexible tools and adherence to different processes and teams.

A unified view during the whole development cycle

Atlassian solutions integrated use can help throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). From initial discussions about ideas, features to requirements definition, coding, review, testing to deploying in a collaborative way; everything can be done in the same platform. With all codes and issues connected, we need just a few clicks to make the magic happens.

One of the leading agribusiness companies in the world wanted to centralize management of distributed development teams implementing standardization across the board. The company gained up to 30 additional hours a week that are now dedicated to other projects. The solutions provided increased application development and time-to-market.

Understand the use of each tool and its benefits:

  • JIRA Software allows to track, transition and follow the whole development process.
  • FishEye, Crucible and Bitbucket help to improve source code management and peer review, which encouraged team collaboration and communication.
  • Bamboo and the continuous integration of different projects, automate build systems reducing significantly build times.

When different tools has the same notification systems, it’s possible to break the silos, help the right people to act on problems ASAP and enable faster turnaround of bugs and issues.

The tool combinations provided full visibility on what was being deployed. Teams can now focus on coding without concerns about what is being changed and updated on projects.

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Managing and delivering IT projects, development and user requests in an improved, Agile way

One of the largest fashion retailers centralized activities in their IT department using JIRA. They brought in customization and flexibility that was required for rapid response to change. They were able to create a change process controlled and compliant with the proposal that the company intended to adopt.

The client started the migration of various tools like HPSM, HP PPM and ALM, and Microsoft Sharepoint into a unified solution using the Atlassian toolset. The Atlassian ecosystem allowed the introduction of Marketplace plug-ins that can replace other tools and generate cost savings and increased productivity.

Confluence acted as a strategic tool for managing relevant information in a quick and easy way, with a single repository of information accessible for all staff. Other tool benefits are change management resources such as approval and documentation templates and release notes.

The Atlassian tools act integrated to speed-up your work processes:

JIRA Software and Confluence allow improved visibility and tracking of the changes planned and performed in multiple systems.

JIRA and Confluence Integration

JIRA Service Desk and Confluence help the client build a knowledge base connected to the portal, allowing users to search and access information and answers by themselves.

JIRA Service Desk and Confluence Integration

In addition to improving customer service operations, JIRA Service Desk allowed the creation of a simplified service catalog presenting it though a friendly interface to users.

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Ticket management in a single process

Centralizing processes with JIRA

To develop a faster customer support and simplify the internal processes between different departments, Repom, leader in freight invoice solutions, was searching for a solution to customize and unify their processes.

In addition to JIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk was also integrated. Ticket management on JIRA Service Desk provided the possibility to scale support without additional resources need. Some benefits of centralizing requisitions:

  • Automating activities and global report generations.
  • Implementing SLAs (Service Level Agreement) to performance measure and improve service agreement’s transparency.
  • Eliminating duplicated processes in departments with productivity increase and reduction of the time spent with tasks and extra work.
  • Creating tickets faster while reducing queues and time resolution. providing the possibility to scale the support without additional resources need

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